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Daily Admission only $5 for Adults, Children under 12 are FREE when accompanied by an adult.
Open Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm June thru September

Share in the Homestead Heritage of the Mission Valley and Flathead Lake area as it is preserved in the Polson-Flathead Historical Museum. Other area museums focus on the Native American presence in the region, but our museum focuses on the pioneers and homesteaders who first inhabited the region. See the development of the area progress over the years through viewing real-life exhibits such as

  • The Trading Post, actually see what it was really like to shop in the only store in the region in the 1880's!

  • The Flathead "Monster"!

  • Marvel at the stagecoaches and buggies that carried passengers to, through and from the Valley!

  • Old time Fire Trucks!

  • Stand in the middle of a true-to-life kitchen from the 'good old days' and imagine what it was like to cook a meal, wash clothes or preserve food with few labor saving devices!

These are examples of just a few of the exhibits available at the PFHM. Our museum is a living, growing institution developed in the 1960's by the Reservation Pioneers under the guidance of J.F. "Faye" McAlear. Through the years, generous area residents, many descendants of pioneers, have contributed artifacts and other memorabilia to make the museum what it is today, a living example of early life in the Mission Valley. We're easy to find, just drive down Polson's Main Street, 5 blocks from Hwy. 93, and there we are!

Museum Aluminum Beverage Can Recycling

You are invited to participate in our Aluminum Beverage Can Recycle project.  Our goal is to supplement our operating budget with revenue earned from your participation in our recycling effort.  Our 2016 year to date net revenue from this project is $737 from over-winter can accumulation (October-May) and one trip the recycling center with 1700 pounds of beverage cans.  At 24 cans/pound this load translated to over 40,000 cans.  The cans were transported (thanks to Wes Delaney) in his 36 foot fifth wheel cattle hauler trailer packed with cans to the trailer ceiling.

Recycling aluminum is a cost effective effort.  About 60% of aluminum produced is recovered in the recycling effort.  This number can be improved with your participation.  Just elect to save your empty beverage cans and drop them off at the Museum. We ask that you do not commingle other aluminum products, such as cat food cans, aluminum foil, aluminum food trays, etc with aluminum beverage cans.  The recycler will not accept these items with aluminum beverage cans and this foreign aluminum becomes counterproductive to our effort.

As you see by our kennel accumulation of cans, we anticipate a bountiful can harvest this summer that will translate to a $2500 revenue line item for the Museum.  We thank you for your participation and hope that you enjoy your Museum.

We bet you can!

Polson Flathead Historical Museum
708 Main Street, PO Box 206 Polson Montana 59860
General Inquires: info@polsonflatheadmuseum.org
Administrative Matters: office@polsonflatheadmuseum.org
(406) 883-3049