Nessie- Our Flathead Lake Monster

The Flathead Lake Monster
Nessie – Our Flathead Lake Monster

Legend has it that sightings of “Nessie,” the Flathead Lake version of it’s own “monster,” goes back to the earliest days of human habitation in the area.

Multiple sightings occur each year as area residents and visitors continue to spot mystery creatures on the lake’s surface.

See our “Big Fish,” a 7 1/2 foot, 181 lbs. sturgeon caught in Flathead Lake in 1955.  “Nessie” may (or may not, some say) be the monster of the legends.

Paul Fugleberg has written a chronological diary detailing each Nessie sighting in Flathead Lake for the last 50 years.  His book is available for purchase at the museum and also from our Trading Post Gift Shop (on-line payment method will be available soon)